Can your telecoms systems really improve profitability?


Your communications systems are an intrinsic part of your daily business operations. If you take full advantage of the services and features available, then you can improve the profitability of your company. You are not necessarily required to make huge changes to the way you work, simply making small changes to how you use your systems and adopting new features can improve customer satisfaction and boost sales.

Increasing sales

 Missed calls can cost a company a lot of money, with an advanced phone system you can monitor how many calls you are missing, and divert calls to another phone or mobile number if it is left unanswered. After spending a lot of time, effort and money to generate leads, you don’t want to let customers slip away because you missed their call. With a modern telecom system, you can respond quickly to every lead, maximising your sales opportunities.

In the instances where you have no option to place a customer on hold, use this opportunity to up-sell your products and services with on-hold advertising. There are some instances where on-hold advertising is not appropriate and could actually put customers off. Avoid using it on calls where your customers have a complaint or a technical issue; the chances are that your advertising will aggravate them more. Focus any on-hold advertising to customers that are planning on making a purchase.

An advanced phone system will allow you to monitor your calls and analyse your performance. This data can help you to assess your procedures and improve them so that you can become more effective. Recording calls can be beneficial for training purposes, to train employees on the most effective sales techniques. Look at how long each sales call is taking and the return that you get, can you cut the call length down and still secure the same return?

Cut costs 

There are some systems that reduce your costs; a VoIP system can offer lower call and line rental costs and systems with SIP (Session Initiating Protocol) allows you to make calls over an internet connection which, if your company makes a lot of international calls, can be very beneficial.

Having one system throughout your workplace can make everything work more effectively, you can easily transfer calls to a different department, training is easier as everyone will be using the same system. This means that everyone will pass on their knowledge of the system, cutting down the time and money spent on formal training.

Satisfied customers 

With an advanced phone system, you can integrate a customer relationship management system directly into your phone system. When a customer calls; their information will come up automatically on the phone system. This will allow you to provide a more personal service as you will have their call history in front of you, hopefully leaving the customer more satisfied at the end of their call.

Your phone system should let the customer access the correct department on their first call, as they get transferred from department to department, continually repeating themselves they will become more and more irate with your service. If they get straight through to the right person, they will feel a lot more satisfied.

A good communications system will be flexible with your business. As your business grows, you need your systems to scale up too, with little to no disruption to your business.

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