Is it time for a system upgrade?


Upgrading any part of your business can be daunting, and many companies try to avoid spending the money for a new IT system, phone system or back-up protocols.  However, an upgraded phone system can make your business more productive, streamlined and give you access to new features, so what’s stopping you?

We speak with several businesses every week and hear so many reasons for not updating their phone systems. From “It’s too expensive” and “I can’t afford for my business to be disrupted for days” to “re-training staff will take too long and cost too much” and “upgrading is too complicated”. In reality, updating your phone system doesn’t have to disrupt your operations, nor does it need to cost a lot. The challenge that most businesses face is knowing when it is time to upgrade. There are some warning signs that can indicate that your current system isn’t fit for purpose.

Firstly, if your phone system is more than ten years old, it is definitely time to consider an upgrade. A system designed and installed ten (or more) years ago will no longer have suitable features and will use significantly more basic (perhaps even obsolete) technology than today’s systems.

If you regularly encounter problems or down-time with your system or it is not performing the way that you need it to then an upgrade should be a top priority. With an outdated system, your business will stagnate, and so every system that you use should meet or exceed, your business requirements and plans for expansion.

Your business will hopefully have grown since you installed your phone system, you may now have more departments and probably more staff too, but they may be operating with different phone systems which can result in an inconsistent service. An older system can cost more, in the long run, maintaining a system that is possibly discontinued can cause repair costs to soar. If you’re spending a lot on maintenance, then an upgrade may actually save you money.

If your business is encountering any of these warning signs, or perhaps you are not sure whether your system needs and upgrade, contact ITC. Our expert team can review your current systems and make recommendations to help you achieve your business goals. To speak with a member of our team, contact us on 0845 652 0450 or email

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