Why use business mobiles?

business mobile

The adoption of remote and flexible working by businesses in the UK means that your communications need to be reliable and affordable. Years ago, a business mobile phone was no more than a perk that was never used, now they have become a vital part of your teams’ communication. The question that we’re asking is, if your business isn’t utilising business mobile phones, what are you waiting for?

Email and Applications

You no longer have to worry about coming into a full inbox after the weekend, using your business mobile you can stay on top of your emails, allowing you to catch the most urgent ones when you’re on the move. Being able to send and receive emails wherever and whenever boosts productivity amongst your team and applications have the same effect. There’s a lot of applications available that can deal with a lot of day-to-day activity, and you can even develop your own in-house application if necessary. They allow you to complete tasks in the fastest time and collaborate with colleagues no matter where you are.

Transfer Calls

Ever taken a call on your mobile, got back to the office and have to continue using your mobile? Depending on your phone system, a feature called Call Handoff allows you to seamlessly pass a call from your mobile to your desk phone and vice versa. This service is great for teams that need to spend a lot of time on the phone but are in and out of the office regularly.

International Capabilities

When your business takes you overseas, it used to be difficult to stay in contact back home, the need for a landline made it very tricky to speak within office hours or speak with someone urgently. A business mobile allows you to maintain a constant line of communication when travelling and do business outside of regular office hours.

Stay Up-to-Date

The constant line of communication that is achieved with a business mobile means that you can be in constant contact with your field employees. They can book appointments and manage their diaries easily and by themselves, meaning the staff at the office can focus on other tasks. A business mobile means that details can be checked at the touch of a button.

Remote and flexible working is being adopted by thousands of businesses every year, the ability for staff to work from home and disregard standard 9-5 hours actually boosts productivity. Business mobiles allow your company to work more efficiently, to find out more about corporate mobile solutions then contact ITC on 0845 652 0450 or email info@clickitc.co.uk.

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