Need a new telephone system? trust “itc.”

If you’re looking for a new office telephone system (also known as a PBX/IPPBX), “itc.” specialise in supplying and installing a vast range of new and refurbished telecommunications systems to suit every budget – working with local customers in Leeds and Bradford or organisations anywhere in the UK.

We offer pre-sales data collection, project management, full installation, training and ongoing support – ensuring that your business can reap all the benefits offered by the features of your new telephone equipment. You will find that our PBX/phone systems are incredibly easy and intuitive to use, but our pre-sales and after-sales care will give you that extra bit of confidence.

If you require further information regarding our fantastic, cost-effective telephone systems, such as the Alcatel OmniPCX enterprise system, please fill in the form below and one of our friendly project managers will call you to discuss your potential requirements – alternatively, please read on for more information.

PBX/phone systems – what are they?

A PBX (Private Branch Exchange)/phone system is a type of telephone network that is set up to serve an organisation across one or multiple sites, connecting internal business lines while also allowing for external call capabilities. Many of the newer types of PBX/telephone systems use VoIP, Voice over Internet Protocol, as their method of transmission. PBX/phone systems have become the essential piece of technology for any modern business, providing the facility to effectively manage both internal and external communications while also offering the potential to reduce costs and increase efficiency in the workplace.

The right office telephone system for you

Our extensive experience in office telephone systems will ensure that you get the right product for your needs, whether you are looking for a simple analogue PBX system or something more sophisticated, such as a digital or IP based system that will increase efficiency over multiple sites. IP systems can be much cheaper than traditional telephone systems while offering additional functionality to your organisation.

Benefits of PBX

Telephone systems offer many benefits, such as call clarity, updated handsets, soft handsets allowing use of PC as a phone, personalised voicemails, DDI (direct dialling in) and facilities such as auto attendant, allowing you to set up options for call directing like ‘press 1 for sales, or 2 for accounts’. This means that calls are answered by the right person, providing a more efficient service. You can even connect branch workers to the main telephone system from remote locations, allowing them to work alongside colleagues as if they were in the same office. Other features are call centre functionality, allowing people to log in and log out and making management of staff and their use of time much easier, and third party integration, such as connecting to a CRM (customer relationship management) system…and much more besides!

PBX installation, training and maintenance

After extensive research and data collection to help us define the best overall system and features for your business, we offer a fully project managed and professional installation, including extensive onsite staff training – whether your offices are in Leeds, Yorkshire or elsewhere in the UK.

All user manuals are provided to guide in the training process and for future reference, although ongoing support also comes as standard.

BCM 50

This Nortel Networks family legacy system is a traditional PBX, which is sturdy and robust and is a great system for private hire and taxi companies as it is LAN CTE/TAPI compliant allowing call pop up integrating with third party systems.

Alcatel premier system

One of our most popular products is the Alcatel OmniPCX system, serving up to 300 users. This IP based high end product offers flexible pricing, fantastic handsets, competitive finance options, SIP compatibility and allows for integration to third party software, making it the preferred choice for our end users.

BT versatility (BTV)

This entry level office telephone system offers a basic handset and easy programming and is PSTN (analogue) and ISDN compatible. This option is very cost effective and easy to set up for up to 40 different users.

Additionally, our flexible engineering force means that we can install and maintain a variety of systems like LG, Mitel, NEC, Avaya and Panasonic.

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