Cheap business calls and line rental packages

“itc.” have worked hard to build good relationships with other telecommunications providers over the years and offer landline calls and line rental solutions directly to the end user, via BT Openreach.

With a wide range of packages available and our high customer care standards, it is well worth speaking to one of our team regarding your line rental and business call requirements. We’ll give you the most appropriate tariff at a competitive price while still meeting your service needs – so why not fill in the form below and take the first step?

Keeping you talking – at the right price

Upon a thorough analysis of your organisation’s call patterns, we’ll give you the best price to guarantee value, while at the same time ensuring that service levels still meet your expectations. Although price is important, we’re also aware that communications are an integral part of your business – so service transfers are simple and seamless, in line with our company ethos of simplicity, straight-talking and a jargon-free approach. Competitive call and line rental packages are at the core of our portfolio and with all of our additional supporting services, such as office telephone systems, business broadband and corporate mobile solutions, we can take care of all your communication requirements for you – telecoms truly simplified.

Tailor-made recommendations

After identifying your company’s average spend and the types of calls you make, we’ll recommend the best form of routing for your business calls. In addition to existing services, we will also offer new SIP, PSTN, ISDN2e and ISDN30e installations to complement our telephone systems or compatible third-party equipment that you’re utilizing.

Competitive business calls and other benefits

As a BT Openreach reseller, not only do we offer cheap calls and competitive line rental packages, but you’ll also benefit from a national network of Openreach engineers – giving you reliable, ongoing support. You can also keep your existing telephone numbers and some packages even offer FREE connection. Quite simply, you’ll be paying less, for more. 

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If you’re a business in Leeds, Yorkshire or anywhere in the UK, and you require further information, please email us on or call us on 0345 652 0450 and we’ll be delighted to answer any questions you may have.