Superfast broadband – does it really make a difference?

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As many businesses rely on an internet connection, they put up with average broadband speeds, low-quality video calls and dropped connections simply because they believe that adopting a new system is disruptive and overwhelming. It doesn’t have to be this way; superfast broadband can transform the way that you run your business, you can open up new forms of communication and expand your business further than you may have planned for.

As the name suggests, superfast broadband is fast. It is the name given to broadband that offers speeds over 24Mbps. A faster connection means quicker downloads, and it’s also more reliable. If you have a lot of staff that need to be connected, the connection is less likely to stall or drop-out. You can provide a better customer experience and even consider additional customer services such as online live chat.

You can save your business both time and money by installing superfast broadband. Instead of travelling to meet a client, you can use video calling with a connection so crisp and clear that it feels as though you’re talking to them in person. There will be less delay and a clearer sound; you can open up your business to international trade too. It’s a lot easier and cheaper to schedule a video call with someone in a different country rather than schedule flights and hotels.

Superfast broadband means that you don’t have to update your systems overnight, you can update throughout the day so you can work more efficiently. Back-ups can be carried out remotely as can some IT support services. Superfast broadband can help to improve productivity, and you can operate your business more efficiently.

If you are concerned about the costs of superfast broadband, then don’t be. There are several options available to meet your requirements. The installation of superfast broadband can actually save your business money. To find out how superfast broadband could benefit your company, contact ITC on 0845 652 0450 or email

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