How to: Handle your business’s communications effectively

As an owner of an SME, you are juggling a lot of responsibilities. If you rely on your business telecoms to operate, which most businesses do, it is vital that you are doing as much as you can to ensure that your communications are running effectively.

Start with your staff, make sure that they are happy; nothing impacts productivity more than unhappy employees. We’ve all experienced it, slow internet or outdated phone systems can lead to irritation, frustration and ultimately demotivation. Investing in high-speed internet and the right phone systems can be the key to keeping your workforce motivated and productive.

Once you have implemented the most suitable technology and your staff are happy, it is time to concentrate on your customers. If you want to provide an excellent customer experience and be your customers point of call, you need to ensure that your website and phone lines are able to handle a large influx of calls or website visitors. If you are regularly experiencing downtime your customers will be left feeling frustrated and unhappy with your service. Use a phone system that can direct customers to the correct department quickly, this will keep

There’s a limited number of customers out there, so businesses need to perform at their best at all times, this high performance starts with the right communication solutions. Is there a service that your competition isn’t offering? Like web chat or email hosting for example. Differentiate yourself from your competitors to help your business attract and retain customers.

Customers and employees are of the highest importance, but you are still a business so make sure that you are taking care of the financial side of your communications. Make sure that you are only paying for services that you need, don’t be persuaded to take out features that you will never use.  Always read the small print, make sure that you are aware of all the costs and you are not going to get stung by hidden costs at a later date.

We understand that you cannot be an expert in every aspect of your business. At ITC, we are on hand to assist your business, we can advise, supply and install the best technologies and systems that are most suitable to your needs. If you want to discuss your communications then you can contact our team on 0845 652 0450 or email


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