Is a leased line right for you?

superfast, leased line

In a world where businesses depend on broadband and reliable connections to carry out their work, it is essential that your broadband is fast and consistent enough to handle your everyday operations and can adapt and grow with your company. A leased line is entirely dedicated to your business so you can perform at the highest level, it is a more secure connection too.


With a typical broadband connection, the more users there are, the slower your connection becomes this is why you will be quoted speeds “up to.” With a leased line, it doesn’t matter how many users you have you will consistently enjoy top speeds; allowing your business to maintain its high level of service with no drops in efficiency.


A broadband internet connection can only handle a certain volume of information every second. The more bandwidth you have, the faster that data is transferred. As you begin to add more connected devices, you will notice that your internet connection starts to lag, slow down and even grind to a halt. These connection problems can be damaging to your business; leased lines are dedicated to your business, and the speeds are so high that this congestion is practically unheard of.


Unfortunately, advances in technology still haven’t allowed us to be able to predict a loss of connection, meaning that you could be left high and dry during your busiest period of trading. Leased lines are much more reliable and are a lot less likely to drop out.


The benefit of a leased line means that you choose your bandwidth at the beginning of your agreement, but you can increase or decrease your requirements with your business. If you have a busy period during the summer months, you can request additional capacity.

If your business employs a remote workforce, has more than 20 users or has several offices accessing your network via the internet, then a leased line will be of huge benefit to you. Consider how much damage an internet outage would do to your business if you cannot operate without a connection, a leased line may be the perfect option.  While a leased line is typically more expensive, you can make the most of the reliable connection and use VoIP telephone systems which will save you money on call costs, and you can improve your working practices. Ask your provider about Ethernet in the First Mile (EFM); it can be a good way to reduce the cost but access the same benefits of a leased line.

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