What is VoIP and why do you need to know?

Voice over internet protocol o VoIP uses the internet to make calls, making them more low cost than conventional landline calls. VoIP has become more popular over the past few years and may eventually eradicate standard phone services.

When you make a call on a traditional telephone service the networks use circuit switching. When a call is made, circuits are switched in the intervening exchange creating a connection between the caller and the person being called.

By contrast VoIP uses a system called packet switching. This method divides data into small “packets” which are labelled with identifying information and are transported across the network. At the end of the line the data is reassembled and produced to the user.

This process has only recently begun to be used for voice calls as when the information was reassembled the quality of the call was seriously compromised, but thanks to improved systems this is no longer the case and the quality of the call is arguably the same as a standard phone call.

The main components that you need to have a VoIP is a fast internet connection, VoIP software and an IP phone or a VoIP phone system. The amount of bandwidth you need depends on how many users you have using the system at the same time and how much data your business uses. You may be concerned that VoIP systems will use a huge amount of your bandwidth but a VoIP call only uses a small fraction of your broadband’s capacity.

VoIP can offer your business many benefits. If more phone lines are needed they are easy to add to as the lines are virtual, meaning no expensive engineer call-outs and no maintenance costs. As both voice and data are available over the same internet connection there is only one network to manage.

VoIP allows you to do more. Audio and video conferencing, call monitoring and recording and virtual geographic numbers so your business can give the impression of being local, even if you are not. There is no option to integrate your VoIP phone system with your CRM database too. A VoIP system allows your business to grow and be flexible enough to change with the business landscape.

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