Four in five households have fixed broadband

As for how people connect to the internet, four in five households now have fixed broadband. One in three of those connections are “superfast” lines which deliver speeds of 30Mbit/s or more.

Despite the uptick in mobile broadband subscriptions, Ofcom has found little evidence that consumers are giving up their fixed broadband services even though speed differences between fixed and mobile have shortened considerably. In fact, just 2% of UK households use mobile broadband as their sole connection.

Ofcom’s research shows that residential fixed broadband speeds trebled from 7.6Mbit/s to 22.8Mbit/s over the three years prior to 2014. Mobile broadband kept up a similar pace, with the average 4G speed now at 14.7Mbit/s.

Speeds are, of course, just part of the equation. Mobile broadband generally suffers from a higher latency than fixed connections; which can result in a lacklustre consumer experience. This seems to be the reason behind why mobile broadband users watch less online video content that fixed broadband users, according to Ofcom’s research.

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