Cyber security habits that you should adopt

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The tedium and repetition associated with working a 9-5 day isn’t always a sign of a happy employee however this repetition can be a vital part of cyber security. Keeping your business safe should be of the highest importance, unfortunately cyber security falls to the wayside in favour of more urgent tasks. In a world where remote working is becoming the norm, cyber security has never been more important.

Keep updated

At the beginning of a busy day, nothing is more irritating than having to wait for your computer to update software but keeping everything from operating systems and plug-ins to desktop applications updated is the simplest way to boost your security and what makes it better is the majority of updates are free. These updates are usually released to help reduce the risk of attacks from phishing emails and ransomware, along with common system bug fixes.

Diversify your passwords

It is widely known that using the same password on a number of devices is bad practice. If a hacker gains access to your login details they can use these details to hijack email accounts, social media, online banking and steal data from friends, family members and places of work. Encourage your employees to change one or two passwords per day, this will improve their security. Enforce a rule where employees cannot use the same passwords for professional accounts as they do for personal accounts.

Data in the cloud

Cloud applications are more common place in business and for good reason; they are a fantastic resource for smaller organisations to use while expanding. As with any third party application, security is a concern. It is crucial that business owners understand what data is being stored in the cloud and ensure that any sensitive data is secure.

Employee training

If your employees are not clued-up on the latest security threats, what to look out for or how to deal with an attack then they can open themselves, and your business, up to security breaches. Offer regular employee training so that staff understand the habits that put themselves and your company at risk.

At ITC we understand how important your businesses security is. We take the time to get to know your business and your requirements and can offer a range of services including data back-up, to make your systems more secure. To discuss your needs or find out how we can help you, contact our team on 0845 652 0450 or email

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