How can call recording benefit your business?
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How can call recording benefit your business?

July 25, 2017

It used to be that recording calls was an activity exclusive to large corporations, but now businesses of all sizes are embracing call recording and reaping the associated benefits. Given recent technological advances in software and online storage, it has never been simpler to store and access recordings.

Call recording can significantly improve your customer service, and in today’s world, with so much competition out there, your customers should be a priority. Recording calls can allow managers to review interactions between staff and customers. It allows you to establish common issues that customers are having and any problems or shortfalls that your staff has when dealing with customer inquiries.

If your contact centre operates with scripts then reviewing your call recordings can help you to identify any improvements that can be made to create more effective scripts and processes. Over time, you can greatly improve the level of customer service that you offer. Access to previous calls is a huge help to a helpdesk, queries that may have taken a lot of time to resolve can be solved a lot quicker if a resolution has previously been found on another call.

If you have ever contacted a larger company, you will have most likely have been told that “your call will be recorded for training purposes” and this is a hugely beneficial way of using call recordings. You can use real life scenarios to improve performance; this goes hand-in-hand with staff reviews too. Use call recordings to evaluate how an employee has improved and how they compare to other members of staff.

In a perfect world, customers would always be happy and never have an issue with your service or products, but in reality, this is not the case. If things become serious and legal proceedings begin, call recordings can offer the proof that you need to settle the case. It could mean the difference between an expensive settlement and no liability.

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